best friend

Reason #46

Because I am the worst morning person ever and even when I’m just awful you still greet me in the sweetest, most loving and caring way.  You ask me how I slept, how I feel, what my dreams were, if I was comfortable, too hot, too cold, what my plans are for the day or what I want to do with you and I grump all the answers back at you with one eye open and not even wanting to be alive for the day yet.  I do not deserve your patience most mornings but it is what I receive and I just want you to know how much I appreciate it.  Truly.


Reason #35

Because I love just talking to you when it’s absolute nonsense and we laugh like idiots over things that shouldn’t even be funny.  I just love laughing with you when we’re not just lovers but friends, too.  You’re my best friend.