As a child, I used to write, and into early adult-hood but somewhere along the way, I lost my way if you like and blamed the following 15 years of no writing whatsoever as “writers’ block” but I believe now that I have actually picked up a pen again, that fear was a large part of it. Fear of writing some of my innermost thoughts, ideas and even fantasies on paper (or computer screen these days) and having them judged by others.  Fear that it would not be good enough.

I’m a huge horror fan and a gamer from way back. I love everything by Stephen King, I’m a huge Silent Hill fan and I’ve played countless RPG horror games.

I have written for Fiction Press, Forum RPG communities, for myself, in collaboration with friends for longer running roleplay storylines, and currently I am working on a post apocalyptic project among other things.

I look forward to sharing my current stories with you all here.



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