Author Hiatus – A note from Admin

Ana has taken a break from social media, from this blog, from external distractions and pressures for an undetermined amount of time.  This blog was always a place for her to share her work; her stories, her thoughts, her personal triumphs and struggles and it only seems fitting that it continue that way.  She had been working on a lot of different things for this blog and herself; thoughts, story pieces, quotes, letters and songs which she had drafted for posting at a later date, so you will still continue to see semi-regular posts for the time being.  Some are complete, and some are not.  You will see both.

She has always maintained that this was her space to share pieces of herself when she at many times struggled to do so in her life outside this little piece of the internet and was always grateful for the following and readership she received over the past three years, from loved ones, friends – new and old, and strangers alike.

Thank you for reading and continuing to read.


~M. Thomas-Jameson (Back-up admin/archivist for These Things)



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