It begins here.

I have struggled for days now to try to place the magnitude of how I feel for you into vows and promises. It is too immense, too overwhelming, that words are just not simply enough. So let me instead go back to the beginning to where it all started.

A story, if you like.

A story of a boy and a girl who both felt out of place in a world that simply had no place for them. Two people whose ideas and thoughts and emotions were so hugely complex, yet so simple, that they both believed they could not or would not find another living soul who had the ability to understand them.

And then they found each other.

And in a place between reality and dreams they created together a world all of their own where they could come together and all of their troubles, their histories and their preconceptions could and would just melt away. The walls which they had spent a life time building around themselves were then torn down and new walls were put up around this special place that belonged to just them, and that Fortress was solid and impenetrable. Inside there was nothing but compassion, warmth, safety and pure and true love.

And if that were the end of the story? The boy and the girl would live happily ever after. As all good stories go.

But the story doesn’t end there. It begins here.

All we need to do now is remember the promises that we have already made to one another, long before this moment and we can make so many more stories, together, for the rest of our days. However many we have left, there will never be enough. I am not certain of anything, but I am certain of this. Right now? We are exactly where we are meant to be. I love you.


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