1000 Reasons (Why I love you)

I started this little project on a Tumblr account about three years ago, and I’ve not been inspired to continue it over there because I much prefer the layout and community of WordPress, so I’ve decided to continue it here.

The project and concept is fairly self explanatory from the title, I believe.  However, the original idea was that those who are important to us in our lives mean a lot to us for a multitude of reasons.

This all stemmed from a series of conversations over time about what love is and what is means to each of us.  I challenged the idea that you don’t just love someone ‘just because’ and that I could literally state 1000 reasons why someone was or is special to me.

And so it began.

I will post each reason under the tag #1000Reasons and a corresponding category in the main menu.  I hope you’ll stick around for the long haul and maybe think about your own reasons why you love somebody!

Some of these reasons will be lighthearted, some will be serious, some will be very personal and some may not even make sense to anyone else, but they are all valid and mean something to me.



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