Month: October 2016

Camping at the Manor with Capa (Part 1)

(AN:  A fun little gem of an RP session that I found in some old word files buried in my computer.  There is very little documented of the character Lylah, which I regret.  She has always been the persona I have slipped into the easiest, believe it or not.  The character of Capathios and all dialogue and so on from him I cannot take credit for.  This entire scene was a collaboration).


“Once upon a time there was a man elf an’ a lady elf that loved each other very very much. Mister Master Singsorrow was a young silly man like me I’m told, but bad things happened to ‘im an’ he was never the same again. He met Misses Lady Singsorrow an’ he was happy an’ stuff. An’ then he went an’ disappeared. Misses Lady Singsorrow almost died from bein’ so sad an’ her sister Lady Blackcrest decided t’ cheer her up by rebuildin’ the old old old family Estate in Terokkar. O’ course, it’s not even started an’ it’s old an’ a bit dirty an’ stuff but I been usin’ that place for myself whenever I want t’ hide from everyone. Ya know what though? I’ll tell ya a secret, Mister. I get lonely, all kinds o’ lonely. An’ bored. Ya wanna come see it with me? It might be fun!”

Capathios kept his eyes trained on the rogue as she spoke, placing a few pieces into place as she told him the story. He couldn’t help but furrow his brow as he thought. There was a short silence between them when she had finished her story. “I think I know what house you’re talking about. I’ve seen it a number of times throughout my adventures here. It can’t hurt to go see inside, so sure.”

Lylah raises a finger to her lips, and winks at the man.

“Ya can’t be tellin’ nobody ’bout this though, not ever. Not never ever, ’cause Misses Lady .. Blackcrest now, she never did like me much anyways but she’s got a lot o’ money an’ I don’t want th’ sack, ya know?”

She raises an eyebrow at him and then whistles sharply for her wandering windrider to come back. It had a habit of doing that. Probably not enough time and attention paid to it, that was for sure.

“After youu then, Mister. Since ya know where yer goin’.”

His face relaxed, though didn’t seem to make much of a difference due to the road map of markings on his face. He nodded a single time and looks to the skies. He lets out a sharp whistle of his own, slightly off pitch of her own. A Grand Windrider descends from the clouds almost instantly and saunters up next to him. He would quickly climb into the saddle.

“Off we go, then.” He speaks before giving two dull snippets of a whisper. The wind rider gives a soft growl and takes to the skies in the direction of Capathios’ unspoken command.

She watches him carefully as he made moves to leave just ahead of her, and followed behind him until they would reach the Manor, it’s familiar shape seeming to loom out of the dense forest where it sat. She couldn’t ever imagine anybody living in this place any time soon, but she liked it anyway. Maybe it could be as grand as the old Singsorrow Estate when it was finished. Mister G woulda liked it here, she thought, out of the blue and quickly shook her head to discard the thought before it made her sad. Climbing off the windrider after she’d brought it down on the second floor balcony, she looked back at the man and flashed him a grin.

“Ya knew ’bout this place but ya never went inside it?” she asked, “it’s grand, Mister. Grand. Come on, follow me!” She turns and skips towards the double doors that would lead inside into a large, dusty, but huge old living room.

Capathios leapt off of his windrider as it drew close to the same balcony. He landed with much more silence than one would expect, only a light thump. He looked to the woman and nodded before looking around and into the closed glass door of the manor. He placed his hand against the glass and swept it to the side, taking up a layer or two or fifteen of gathered dust. He looked back to her and smirked lightly.

“I never really thought to. It never crossed my mind. Not only that I never spent much time here as it is. I only had passed through a few times on my way to Shadowmoon Valley.”

Lylah glances back over her shoulder at him, nodding and giggling.

“Mhm! It’s awful niiiiiiice, “she says in an odd and somewhat shrill sing-song tone, and she keeps talking as she alternates between walking and skipping just ahead of him. She points out rooms as she goes, assuming he is following her, either way she doesn’t really stop to check.

“That’s th’ kitchen, that in there’s going t’ be the library, that down there’s th’ guest quarters, an’ up here.. “she skips all the way up the stairs, “up here’s Miss Blackcrest’s floor. All t’ herself. Bit big jus’ all for one person, hmm?”

She doesn’t wait for him to respond, really, continuing to skip down the hall and she turns left into a large room that would obviously be recently used. There are ashes in the fireplace at one end, a pile of blankets and pillows nearby beside a huge picture window that runs the entire length of the wall facing outside. Although a few of the panes are visibly marred with large cracks and a few holes. She stops in front of the window, bouncing on her toes, and then just stands there, hands on hips, looking down at the dense forest below. She grins back at him over her shoulder. “Pretty, ain’t it?”