Little Blue Mailbox

I fumble with the paper, see the words you wrote are already fading.
I’ve been waiting all this time for a letter.
My insides shaking, will this feeling last forever?
I’ve been waiting.

This video appeared this morning on one of my social media news feeds and it brought back  things.  It’s one of my favorite songs but I haven’t listened to it in a long time for a lot of reasons.

It’s been one year and three months, and in fact about three days since I thought of you last.  It’s not every day anymore, but damn near close.  When the memories surface they’re just as fresh as they were back then.  I didn’t think I’d get through it and honestly?  I’m lost without you.

I even stopped writing because I was afraid that if I started to write about you I would never stop.

You were unique and irreplaceable.  I love you, always.



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