Month: November 2015

On fools and loons

I’m looking at rebooting this character back into Telara, so I’m bumping this post to see what you all think of her 😉

These Things

[[An rp log of a fantastically amusing random meeting of two like minds.  Or the absence of minds, whichever way you look at it.  Credit to Motlèy, the other roleplayer in this scene]]

Motlèy gently pats Muggles.

You gasp at Motlèy.

[Lylah]: You! Touched…
[Lylah]: Mister Muggles! Ya tryin’ t’ get yer finger taken off or somethin’?

Motlèy bites his lip. “He’s sorry! He couldnt help it, practically begged him, it did! The fur, he means. Needs to be petted, it said and so the humble fool was only too happy to oblige.”

Lylah tilts her head one way, and then the other, blinking, an odd look on her face. She flips forward onto her hands and walks around the man in a circle before popping back to land on her toes where she’d been before.

“Hmm, still, he’s fat. As fat as a cat!  He’ll eat anythin’ ya know. Fingers, toes…

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