I Am Lost

I stand still, not moving forwards, nor backwards.

It is a crossroads, and the directions are many.  

Too many.

Which way do I go?

I close my eyes and will my body to just start moving.

It matters not which way,

As long as I am taking one step after another.


But nothing happens.

I am still.

It would seem that my resolve to stay 

Is stronger than my will to carry on.

I am afraid.

Too many wrong turns have already been taken.

I do not know the way.  Why won’t somebody tell me the way?

I see faces pass me by,

But still I remain,

Frozen as the rest of the world goes by.

I beg them, I plead with them,

Help me.

But they don’t look back, the faces of yesterday,

The faces of today,

As they go on their way.

I am alone.

I am lost.

Do I stay here, in this place, and decay?

Please, somebody show me the way.


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