A Letter: To Bebe Valasar

You sound happy, Ana.

If only she knew.  Ana chewed on the end of the quill and read the letter over again, lingering on those words.

Happiness.  Contentment.  Were they so unobtainable?  Not for others, as far as she could see, or was it just for appearances? If that was the case, then she too could plaster a smile on her face and a pleasant demeanor as if nothing in the world could possibly be wrong.  She’d become so well practiced at it that it was second nature.

Focus on the positives today, Ana, just for today, she told herself as she began to write.  Or at least, if not that, then fake it, for your friend.


Dear Bebe,

Isn’t it terrible when happiness becomes this thing that is so far from the ordinary that it as if we sit and wait for it all to come crashing down.  It is like the calm before the proverbial storm, if you like. 

You’re right though.  It has been a long time coming for some, but it seems as if things are finally headed along the right path, for us all.

I’d intended to come out to visit again sooner, but something unexpected came up so it will be a little longer before I make it through your way again.  This might amuse you just a little, but I’m posting this right before I head up to Northrend for a short while to visit with a friend for a short while.  

I’m hoping that I’ve not talked up my cooking skills a little too much before I actually get around to cooking for you.  We’ll just have to wait and see won’t we?  I’ll try it out on my friends family while I’m away, and see how it goes down.  

I look forward to meeting Jez and this mage you speak of.  

I hope you’re well, and still smiling when you receive this letter.




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