The End of Hope

(Dug out from the archives.  Saving for reference/nostalgia.  What happened to my original paladin, Zara, before she died.)

As her knees buckled, the undead man froze for just a moment, long enough for her to see the shock in his sunken eyes. Shock that she was falling, fear that he had struck a mortal blow, at least what he thought had been a mortal blow. She didn’t know. At that point there was no pain, and all of the noise in the bar had faded, her head was spinning, and looking down at the hand that was clasped to her belly, all she could see was blood. A lot of it. Her vision blurred as she felt herself losing consciousness.

“The child will not survive. Your friend is lucky to be alive — ”

“My fiancé, “She heard Soli correct the female voice.

“I’m sorry. But the wound being where it was… there is nothing more I can do for her.”

Zaraedra heard the words, followed by the footsteps as the woman, a priest, walked away to leave the two of them alone.
She opened her eyes and found him to be watching her. He reached down for her hand and gripped it firmly.

“I have some bad news, Zara.”

Weakly she shook her head. She didn’t want to hear it, not from him. She’d already heard the priest give him the bad news but right now she couldn’t bear it coming from him. Her eyes filled with tears and she turned her head away from him so he wouldn’t see her cry.

“Did they catch him?”

“No.. not yet.”

(Note: This was the last significant event that happened while Zaraedra was still a blood elf, and the official end of her roleplay as horde. This is just one to store in the archives, as it were)


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