Catch up at the Hillsbrad Coalition HQ


Ana looked around from the doorway, clearing her throat. The smell of food cooking filling her nostrils, and her stomach growled a little. It smelt good. The woman in the chair beside the table nearest the door was one she did not recognize, but the other, she did. A smile spread across her face.

“So I heard that you were somewhere out here. Wasn’t sure where, to be honest. But … “She looked
over her shoulder and made a gesture with her thumb towards the door where there had been a large sign outside. “Couldn’t have missed it.”

“Ana! I didn’t know my letter got so far! I’m glad you found us, it’s a little remote, isn’t it?”

Ana smiled at that, glancing in to the woman in front of the fireplace.

“Remote, yes. It’s perfect.”

“Isn’t it though? I love it, I really do. Come in, I’m actually almost done with some late dinner.”

Ana glanced at the woman in the chair, nodded, giving her a faint smile and headed towards the fire.

“It suits you, Bebe. This place. It’s very … you.”

The woman laughed as she hefted a rack with enough meat to feed a small army.

“I like to think so, no people, lots of open space.”

“Ana…I am surprised to see you here. It is a nice surprise.”

Ana startled a little at the familiar voice, and turned slowly.

“Felano ..” And then a glance at the other man. “Mister Bloodreaver.” She nodded, offering him a small smile.

Bebe peered at the unfamiliar person over Jas’ head, offering a nervous smile.

“Evening, welcome. A friend of Fel’s?”

The other man nodded.

“A friend, yes. Azurick Bloodreaver.”

And then they all five sat down, talked, ate and caught up as they should have done long before. It hadn’t been Ana’s intention to visit for long that night. She had planned on dropping in, saying hello and leaving again before heading back to make plans to travel to the Lightflights, but it hadn’t turned out that way. Apparently everybody else had had the same idea in visiting that night, and it was a warm and out of the ordinary evening. Which wasn’t to say that it was a bad thing. Ana eventually met and spoke with the blonde woman, Jasreha. Odd, she hadn’t known that Aly even had a sister until then.

Felano seemed happier, more relaxed, and the two of them had even managed a hug and some small talk while there before Ana and Azurick had spoken about some new upcoming projects and trips that the man had planned now that he was working in the Reliquary.

Now that she knew exactly where the Coalition was stationed, she would make a point of returning for a visit again, soon. Ana spent a lot of time worrying about friends scattered far and wide and the time that had elapsed between seeing them all and keeping in contact, but she realized that night, that friends were friends. All of them were busy with their own things, but getting together in one place, and for some of them, months had passed, and it didn’t matter. It was as if they had all seen each other just yesterday.

She left late in the evening feeling uplifted and relaxed, strolling across the grassy plains in the moonlight as opposed to riding. She felt like a walk. And all was well, or should have been.

“Miss Blackcrest. What a pleasant surprise.”

Miss Blackcrest? The figure standing before her was shrouded by the cloak he wore and the darkness itself, his form only lit by the moonlight that shone down, and she stiffened.

Why now?



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