They say that the unlikeliest of people become friends, or that they are found when one isn’t looking for them, and that was how it was the first time that Ana had met Ashenik.   He was quite a refreshing change, really.  Among the pretentiousness and materialism of most, this man stood out.  What you saw was what you got.  No bullshit, just the man himself.

His wasn’t a face that she had seen often, either, and she made a mental note to change that after they ran into each other in the Exchange that night.  Were his daughter Evaline not unwell, a chance meeting might not have occurred at all.  Even Kaeth, who rarely outwardly showed such things hadn’t been opposed to standing around and catching up and the three of them had stood around chatting as old friends.  Oddly, it had been her husbands idea to go somewhere different after Kel’thanis Star-rage had arrived, to get out of the city that they all disliked, for a short while at least.

And so the four of them had ended up standing overlooking the plains of Mulgore.  Not quite what or where Ana had been expecting, but as she had stood there in the moonlight beside her husband and the other couple, even in the silence that fell between them all for a short time, she realized that for the first time in as long as she could remember, she was happy.  She had the man at her side, she had friends, she had family.  Family didn’t need to be blood.  Family were the people in her life who accepted her for who she was, and the sentiment returned in kind.  They were the ones who would do anything for her any time, anywhere, and her for them.  And that was rare.

Ana remembered when she had considered the Order her family, and wondered as a passing thought where they all were now, and what they were all doing.  Those that she had been closest to had long since gone their own ways, and she couldn’t fault that.  They had their reasons, just as she had her own.  But she knew better than anyone that there was no sense in living in the past, for the world itself kept on keeping on.  It continued day after day, as she did, and there was only one way to go, forward.

No looking back.

On the ledge, Kaeth held his hand out to her, beckoning her forward as he moved towards the edge, slowly.

No looking back.



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