A Letter: To Rook ‘Tangram’ Dracone

quill and parchment

Mister Dracone,

Think nothing of the incident a few evenings ago.  Such things happen, do they not?  Plans, as they say, are made to be broken, or at least it would seem so.  It is understandable that you have other responsibilities and such things take precedence from time to time, due to unforeseen circumstances or emergencies.

Believe you me, I understand this better than you may know.

I am most interested in meeting with you again to continue and/or at least conclude our conversation from the other evening.  It did leave off at a most crucial time, I think.  I’m eager as to when this shall occur.

Because my schedule is ever changing, please feel free to contact me again with the day (or evening) that is most convenient for you, and I will endeavor to make myself available.

Kind regards,

~Anaveya Stormblood.


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