A Letter: To Lyrinel Morningflame

quill and parchment

Sitting at the small table in the kitchen of the Order’s estate, Ana rubbed at her temple while looking at the growing pile of paperwork on top of it.  To do lists, mail to be read, sheets of parchment ready for letters to be written, relic recovery outlines.  It just never ended.

A gust of wind blew through the open kitchen window and the carefully ordered piles scattered.  All over the floor from one side of the room to the other.

“This won’t do!”  Ana stamped her foot on the ground, a childish movement, but she was fed up.  “I need an office … I need order!”

Retrieving the inkwell from somewhere under the disorderly pile in front of her, and stooping to pick up the quill from the floor, she snatched a fresh sheet of parchment out and laid it down in front of her.

Dear Miss Morningflame,

As you know, or may have noticed, my time spent here at the estate has been  more than usual recently, and looks to become a more permanent thing.  This has become my second home, as such.  You know how it is.  Our jobs are never quite done.  

But I shall get to the point, as I’m sure you have more than enough of your own to do, and I’m hoping this won’t be too taxing.

In short, I need an office.  I have one at my own home, but again, I am here almost as often as I am there and trying to conduct Order business from atop the kitchen table here is just not conducive to productivity.  My room of residence, as you no doubt already know is on the second floor, just a few doors down from the library.  I wonder if you would check the current room listing and/or blueprints and let me know if there is a room (or large closet, Gods, even a large closet would do) nearby that I can convert to my own personal work space. 

Thank you ever so much.  I very much look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,

~Prelate S

You know what, please, call me Ana.  These formalities are driving me crazy.  Unless, you know, we’re in public, at which time the correct formalities would be appropriate.  But of course, you know the drill.

PS.  I have to note, that you do a most excellent job here.  Tarc seems a whole lot less stressed, and his tea consumption appears to have gone down significantly.  You are a treasure.  Thank you for making his life, and by extension mine, a whole lot easier.


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