The Good, the Bad and the Stupid

Drained.  Emotionally and physically.  That is how Ana had felt when she headed back to the city later that night after that idiot’s ‘trial’.  For that is what it had been, in essence.  

From her understanding of the situation prior to the meeting itself, Ana had simply thought that there was a personality conflict between the Highlord and Glacierwind, a quarrel perhaps, albeit one of a serious nature being that it warranted a meeting such as the one that had been requested, but she couldn’t have been more wrong.  

The revelations made that evening were shocking, appalling.  In it’s simplest form, were she to relay it to an audience that had not been present, she would have told a story about a man who had tried to do the right thing, to aid and to lend support to the victims of another’s crimes.  When the motives, the judgement and the morals of all others involved were corrupt, and wrong, the man, Highlord Blightheart had done or attempted to do what was inherentlygood.  And been punished for it, painfully, horribly.  Scorned, sneered at and ridiculed.  

And her friend, no, somebody she had once considered a friend had been a party to it, standing by the notion that the wrongs done to this man were nothing to him.  Felano had sneered at him, made fun of the suffering he had received without so much as the blink of an eye, past and present.  

Ana didn’t care that evening whether Felano Glacierwind was a colleague or not, whether his actions had or would cause embarassment and quite possibly with it the tarnishing of the name of their Order.  She viewed it all from a more emotional place.  To her, it was simply about right and wrong.

The thing that had struck at her the most deeply was the coldness.  The complete absence of any feeling for the suffering of another who had done theright thing.  He loved, did he not?  He was capable of the emotion, wasn’t he?  He had even claimed to love her in the past.Was it all just a lie?  A carefully played, masterfully portrayed ruse.  For, if that was so, then she would have to concede, in her mind, at least, that he was a far more skilled manipulator than the one person she’d ever been closest to before. 

“No remorse, no responsibility taken.  You simply don’t care.”  

He did not.  There was no emotion in this man.  In her mind, if he could stand there and look on one of his own kind and produce nothing but disdain, even amusement, then he was nothing.  

Everyone had dispersed, at the evening’s end, with at least a sense of justice served, personally and professionally.  Although it never would be, how could it?  Then perhaps justice was not served, but another man’s grievances and emotions had been validated, to the best of their ability.  

Felano had seen a demotion for his actions, and the way in which they reflected negatively on their Order.  He was, after all, everything that opposed what their organization, their family, stood for, and the goals it served to achieve.  

But more than that, he stood for everything that Ana herself found abhorrent and wrong in the world.  It was that simple.  Black and white.  There was no grey.


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