The Stormbloods take a walk


((This post is the work of myself and my RP partner Valkaeth.  Huge credit where it’s due, as always.  His portrayal of the demons is magical, and never ceases to entertain me and make me laugh.  Love this ‘family’))

“What! We’re going on a walk?!  Leeettttss DOOOO ITTT!” The hellish fiend leapt on top of Kaeth’s head, perching itself there and grabbing onto one of the elf’s ears. Pointing forward with a boney finger. “… Go!”

The imp paused as Kaeth blankly stared forward, ever amazed at the demon’s masterful practices in irritating the warlock.

“… You know, Kaeth. You should try taking commands for once! It’s real fun! Watch.” The imp pointed out again, “Go!” Yet, no response from the warlock. Finally, the one eye glanced up at his forehead as the imp stared down. “You really suck at this, don’t you?!”

The raise of the warlock’s hand threatened violence, while a shake of his head displayed the disapproval of the imp. Smacking the fiend from his head, as the fiend slapped onto the ground, he’d flip back up and look back and forth, back to Anaveya.

“How do you DEAL with this guy?!” The imp mocked his master with a wicked, idiotic grin across his face. “Hey, hey… HEY! GHA——…” Rudely interrupted by the foot of the warlock as Kaeth kicked the imp out of the way to begin walking down the path.

Ana watched with half amusement as Chobis bounced around, almost the same way as a child might after eating too much sugar. And he never seemed to be quiet. One would literally have to lock him in a cupboard, or muzzle and gag him to ever get any peace. Ana smiled though, even through Kaeth’s mild irritation. Peace and quiet? What was that? She’d almost forgotten.

“How does he deal with you is more the p….” her sentence was cut off as the imp went flying and she reached for Kaeth’s hand, giving it an affectionate, reassuring squeeze. Some family. “It’s going to be one of those nights, hmm?”

The imp shook it off, following quickly behind his master and his mistress as their hands locked. The imp waddled next to Ghaad who always favored standing and moving at Anaveya’s side. The imp glanced through Ghaad’s blackened scales, reaching between them to pluck out the cigar, sticking it between his lips with that cheesy grin again.

“Y’know I used t’be a minion to a goblin ‘fore Kaeth here was blessed wit’ my existence…” The imp ranted, as if everyone in the world was listening. But, he felt odd. The elves were holding hands. Maybe he should hold something, too, glancing up to Ghaad, reaching up to grasp one of the demon’s tendrils tightly.

“Hey, bu—-…” Finally, the imp was silenced for a moment when the hound snarled quickly and hoisted his tendril upwards, taking the imp with it before slamming Chobis into the ground, tossing him to the side. The hound shook his head, sneering quietly. That must have hurt.

Ana didn’t mean to, but she laughed out loud when the imp was thrown to the ground by Ghaad, and as much as she understood how annoying and obnoxious he could be, and with her the target of it sometimes, for a moment she felt sorry for the creature, and shook her head at Ghaad, clicking her tongue. She glanced at Kaeth and rolled her eyes.

“Who ever needs children with this lot?”

Ghaad made some sort of incomprehensive grunt at Anaveya’s tongue clicking, as if wondering whether maybe he could do something like that, make that sound. He tried, but it seemed as if his jaw was too big to do anything. Damn it. Ghaad used his tendrils to absently stab at dirt as they walked over the cobblestone, briefly spotting the ghastly girl skipping along just behind them. It wasn’t long before the imp caught up again, leading in front.

“Oh! Kaeth! I forgot to tell you! Eyla’s been teachin’ me how to do make-up n’ dressin’ up.”

The warlock didn’t seem too interested, for he was purposely trying to kick the imp again as they walked. Chobis kept talking.

“I think… I could -TOTALLY- be a model! Mean… Have you see this body?” The tiny, small, frail, obnoxious imp lifted his scrawny arms, arms that were no bigger than the twig of a premature shrub, flexing as much as he could.

Of course, although it hadn’t been apparent that she was along for the walk up until then, the second Eyla’s name was mentioned, Ana heard a giggle behind her, and she glanced over her shoulder to see the girl skipping along behind. Had anyone been out in the woods that night, the sight of the couple, their daughter and the accompanying demons would have been more than a little strange, frightening even, but to Ana this was now the new normal. The Stormbloods. Some family.

Eyla skipped along, catching up to the two and Ana shot her a ‘look’.

“You know what I’ve said about the bedroom Eyla, “she scolded, “you keep Chobis out of there!”

Thinking back to the last time she’d walked into a scene of destruction in her and Kaeth’s personal space she shook her head, closing her eyes for a moment as the couple came to a stand still at the top of the falls. When she opened them again, Eyla stood there, her cheek against her own shoulder, swaying back and forth while her legs were together, an arm lacing on the back of her waist to grab the back of her other hand’s wrist. Quite the innocent, little girl look she gave while looking up at her mother.

“I’m sorry, mommy…” The ghostly voice murmured, “Chobis said …”she points at the imp, “you said it was okay! I’m gonna get daddy’s frost wand and hit you with it!”

At the mention of Kaeth’s newly found tool to torture the imp, the warlock cracked a broad, wolfish grin. Ghaad even cackled with his snarly, deep barks. The imp flailed around and shivered.

“Oh.. No, no! Not that wand! I’m an IMP!”

For some odd reason, Chobis felt pumped up at the mention of his pathetic demonic species. The warlock glanced down, a soft, yet amused look on his face as he listened to the creatures ranting, squeezing Anaveya’s hand while they watched the imp.

Chobis lit his form up into a small blaze, immolating the leathery skin to show off his powerful finesse over flame. Extending each leg out to take large steps widely, marching like a soldier. Pacing back and forth with it. “An IMP! Master of flame! Conjurer of cleansing ash! Ruler of —”

The imp stuck his face into the hound’s face with a puffed chest, pivoting on his heels to strut away like he just told Sargeras himself that he was weak.  An exchange of glances between the hound and the warlock produced sinister intentions as the elf leaned down to snatch the cigar from the imp’s hand.

“HEY!” The imp shouted, but Kaeth carelessly pushed the imp over the edge of the rocks to send him plummeting down the fall, the squeaky scream of his voice as he descended, splashing into the lake below. Now, the warlock put the cigar between his lips. Lighting it with an ignition of his finger.

“Fiend…” He murmured.

Anaveya shook her head as she stood there, simply like a bystander witnessing a series of comedic events that had nothing to do with her, but she lived with this, daily.  It wasn’t until Kaeth looked down with some smug sort of expression on his face with Chobis’ cigar now between his teeth that Ana reacted at all. The imps howling, it was deafening, even out here outside the confines of the walls at home.

“Really, Kaeth, are you trying to wake up the entire area and city? You know how loud he gets.  And I just know that somehow I’m going to pay for that tomorrow. Once you’re gone for the day and I have to listen to the constant ..constant whining.” She smirked though as she glanced down, watching Chobis drag himself from the water. She glanced to her left as Ghaad grunted and made some strange sounds that sounded almost as if he were laughing.  Eyla just grinned, and Ana smiled. It was almost as if the night before had not happened at all. This, this now, was what was normal and completely ‘ordinary’.

She squeezed her husband’s hand. Now was as good a time as any.  Instinctively placing a hand over her belly, she looked at the warlock, and spoke to him softly.

“Kaeth .. we need to talk about something.”

Kaeth and Ana


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