Ana’s teachings and the “Sunchaser Initiative”


Standing in front of the small crowd who had gathered, Ana held her notes, taking a deep breath.  It was one thing to be an observer, a passive participant of these things, but another altogether to stand in front of them all, those who usually sat in her place, waiting and watching her in quiet, expectant silence.

Directly following her meeting with the other Ascendants and Guardian Sunchaser earlier that day, she found herself suddenly weary, that telltale headache creeping back in, and she wasn’t sure if she could do this.  Her place was behind a quill and parchment, behind the scenes, giving the orders if directed to do so, supporting and enforcing directives and initiatives.  She was no leader, and certainly no public speaker, and shuffling her notes as she glanced over the various faces of those both familiar and visiting, she gained a whole new respect for those who did do this on a regular basis.   Let’s do this.

“Well, good evening, everyone. I’m glad you all were able to make it, members, friends and guests alike. Headmaster Frostbourne won’t be joining us this evening, so it will be I that speaks for him on this occasion. I hope you’ll bear with me, as it is usually I that is in your places, as a fellow peer, and student. After all, we all gather for the same purpose, do we not? To learn, to be taught, to share our ideas, our values, our beliefs.”

“We are all reminded often, not just at these gatherings, but outside them also, that this large and diverse group of varied individuals are the foundation of this Order and what sets it apart from others. That isn’t to say that we are unique. Surely there are other organizations and groups who are similar, who have their own personal goals and objectives; we are not the only ones, but as a larger population of collective minds, it is the -diversity- that is the very foundation of who we are, what we stand for and how we intend to reach out not only to one another, but to the populace as a whole.”

“It is in some ways a grand gesture, but we each are here to contribute to that grand ideal and goal by offering ourselves in small, yet not insignificant ways. Each one of us can make a difference, and we do so on a daily basis by being here, by offering what we have, our knowledge, our skills and our willingness to learn.”

“But I digress.”

“During these teachings, we learn about philosophy, about life and love, individuality and … history. Most importantly history. The events in our recent and ancient past that have shaped this world that we live in and by extension ourselves.”

“So, today that is precisely what I will be talking about. History.”

Nobody fell asleep.  The group was engaged, welcoming and freely shared some of their own experiences of places and things long lost and yet to be discovered or rediscovered.  And to her surprise, it had been a welcome change from the usual run of things.  The woman, Rhaelia, that she had worked with just the previous weekend, now she was interesting, and Ana found herself pleasantly surprised at the things the two had in common following the subject matter of the day.  She made a mental note to write to her from the estate and invite her to visit for tea and a much longer, leisurely talk about such things.

There was much to do, and time was short.  Time was always short lately, it seemed.  Ana yawned as she walked through the front doors of the estate, Guardian Sunchaser just two steps behind and she thanked the woman for her escort.  They would talk the next day, in far more depth on Talandriel’s brilliantly put together list of plans and security measures as the five division heads had talked about earlier that day.   Credit where it was due, it would be officially recorded and written up until the title of “The Sunchaser Initiative”.

Given what looked like an almost impossibly long list of objectives from Tarcanus just a couple of nights earlier, this remarkable woman had seemingly overnight taken care of the entire thing almost single-handedly and with an efficiency such as she had not seen in a very long time.  Now all that needed to be done was cross all the t’s, dot all the i’s and assign man power to each directive.  She very much looked forward to working with this woman, very much so indeed.

Taking a seat at the kitchen table once she was alone again, Ana finally allowed herself to relax, kicking off her shoes before she sipped on a hot cup of tea.  It had been a good day.  It’s only downside, she wouldn’t be going home tonight.


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