A Letter: To Talandriel, Felano, Zurilod and Cathenell

quill and parchment

A loud crash, the sound of something heavy breaking startled Ana awake, for the third day running. Sitting bolt upright in her bed, she cried out, half asleep and disoriented. And then she saw him. That wide overdone grin, a fresh cigar between his teeth. Chobis. Holding up a letter in his hand at the end of a long scrawny arm, he waved it at her.

“Mail’s here, Lady Stormblood!” he yelled, hopping up onto the end of her bed, not expecting to land right on top of Ghaad who had taken his place there the moment Kaeth had left for the day, as the felhound’s instant reaction was to grunt and growl, using his antennae to pick up and fling the imp across the room swiftly, where he landed rather unceremoniously in a crumpled heap in front of the wardrobe in the corner of the room. Sighing, Ana looked down, surveying the mess that had woken her in the first place. Yet another broken vase.

Rubbing at the bridge of her nose with her thumb and forefinger, she exhaled slowly before swinging her legs off he edge of the bed and gesturing to Chobis with her hand. “Go on then, give me the mail .. please?” And when he leaped up, grinning at her again, he hopped across the room, taking a wide berth of the hound this time, and shoved the letter right in front of the woman’s face.

“There ya go, Misses, “he hops from one foot to the other, rubbing his hands together excitedly as if actually waiting for her to open it and share it with him, and she makes a motion with her hands for him to shoo. Then she realizes that the letter has already been opened, the seal containing the crest of the Celestial Dawn already broken in half.

“Chobis … you opened this already. How many times have I told you…?!” Her voice raises steadily as if she is scolding a misbehaved child.

He bounces off the bed, somersaulting backwards, turning in the air precisely three times before landing deftly in the doorway of the room, halfway up the frame even, holding on to it like some kind of primate. She almost expected him to hook his tail up to the top of the door frame and start swinging from it, but he didn’t. Instead he opened his far too large mouth, grinned that ridiculous grin and started to narrate the contents of the letter in his loud, obnoxious voice.

She was not amused, not this early in the morning, so, sighing, she slipped out of bed, padded across the cold floor in her bare feet to retrieve the letter for herself. Sitting back down on the bed, she opened it and read.

Prelate Stormblood,

Ascendants Lightflight, Dawnreaver, and Glacierwind,

Guardian Sunchaser,

I call upon each of you to work with one another, to use the knowledge that each of you has of combat and security in order to find synergy among our fighters and scouts without tampering with or inhibiting the free flow of knowledge and wisdom within the Order.

Specifically, your directive shall be to convene and create a plan to ensure the safety and security for the Order of Celestial Dawn, specifically crafting edicts, rules and procedures that perform the following functions…

The letter then went on to specify a rather large task list, at which Ana frowned as she rubbed her forehead, that telltale headache already setting in for the day. She longed to just go back to sleep until the nausea passed, the tiredness abated for even a short few hours, or the general malaise settled, but she had obligations, and she took those seriously. There would be time to address her own needs soon enough.

Yes, it was as Tarcanus had stated, a lot to ask in a short period of time, but the Order had a very capable and very dedicated group of division leaders, and it would surely only be a matter of contacting each of them over the course of the day to discuss and set in motion the things that were now required and requested as per the missive in her hand. A meeting at the Estate was most definitely called for. It would be the quickest and most efficient way of discussing business.

Looking at Ghaad, Ana made a couple of clicking sounds at him, gesturing towards the bathroom with her head and he set off immediately, understanding what she wanted, and moments later she heard the sounds of water running, filling her a bath.

So much for that relaxing day at home that she so desperately craved. It would wait, though. She had the whole weekend ahead.

Undressing, she slipped on her robe and sat down at the large desk in the living room, penning a letter to her colleagues.

Attention: Ascendants Glacierwind, Lightflight, Dawnreaver and Guardian Sunchaser.

I trust that you all have received this most recent list of instructions from Tarcanus this morning.  As you can all see, we have a lot to do, and little time to do it.  I require an audience with each of you before the day is through.  I trust that you will all individually be more than capable of adjusting your busy personal schedules in order to fit this in, as it is of utmost importance.

I will be easy to reach as I will be in the city for most of the day in the usual place, where I expect I will hear from each of you and we shall be able to set aside a time that will suit us all to sit down and discuss these objectives over some tea at the Order’s estate.

Thank you all for your cooperation in this matter,

~Prelate Stormblood.


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