Lady Stormblood


“Lady Stormblood.” He murmured to her, allowing another lingering kiss to her lips, “My wife … I love you.”

Lady Stormblood. She liked the sound of that, very much, and her eyes glistened as she squeezed his hands looking up at him as she recalled the moments that had led to this one, looks given to the other, words exchanged, moments shared.

“I believe I can say that I have you now though, Miss Blackcrest?”

“You have had me since the very first morning that I woke up in your arms.”

What had been the purpose of waiting, after all?  She’d been his from the very first word he’d spoken.  He wasn’t interested in the huge pomp and circumstance of a wedding, and she … well, she had already been there once before. It still surprised her in ways that she had done it all over again. But it would be the last time, she was certain of that.

“Wake up and see this for what it is, Ana!  I’m begging you.  He’s no good for you.”

“He’s everything to me.”

If there had been any moment of doubt, of hesitation, uncertainty, it was long gone.  Where her eyes had been closed before, they were now wide open, and all she could see was him. All she would see was him.

“I see you’ve found your way back…”he’d murmured, “I pray the shadows didn’t blind you too much, Miss Blackcrest.”

“I love you, Lord Stormblood … take me home.”


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