A proposal


“Perhaps there are many secrets and pages we’ve yet to read about each other, but this is a step closer to flipping yet another page, is it not?  Another passage for us to learn from, another sentence written beautifully.”

He knew what she wanted. He did. He’d always, from the first moment they’d spoken, from the first time he’d looked into her eyes, been able to almost see right through her. They’d been here before, hadn’t they? The night she had told him that she loved him. Now was no different, only it was. She was looking at him with a new and renewed sense of appreciation now.  He pulled her close to him, his arms wrapped around her waist hugging her closely while his lips moved to her lips, barely brushing them close enough.

“Is it too soon?”

“One could argue that it’s never too soon, but it isn’t a decision time can make. It is a decision only you and your heart can make, “Kaeth had said, leaning his forehead against hers.  

Standing here now, she remembered the moment with absolute clarity, and she pressed her lips to his, murmuring, “I love you, “and closing her eyes, his arms around her reminding her that it didn’t matter where she was in this world, that as long as it was by his side, it was home.  He was her home.

His hand traveled up her back to glide along the side of her cheek, caressing his palm along the side of her head, brushing the tip of his thumb across her face drawing strands of hair with it.

“Miss Blackcrest… there’s something for you inside my cane… I want you to open the crystal…”

She hesitated for just a moment, reaching out for it tentatively. Taking the crystal between thumb and forefinger, she closed her fingers around it and raised an eyebrow.

“What’s in here?” she asked, but he shook his head, refusing to answer, simply gesturing with his head at her hand, and curiosity getting the better of her she opened her fingers, looking at the crystal just once before popping it open with her fingers. What was inside wasn’t something she had expected. A ring. The most unusual, yet beautiful ring she’d seen. Five small purple stones adorned it, ones that she wouldn’t be able to identify right away, but they were reminiscent of something she’d seen and held before.  She would ask him later.  She reached for it, but hesitated it again, for just a second, blinking, looking up at him, momentarily lost for words.

“Is this … what I think it is?”

He reached over to pull the cane from the ground, allowing himself to drop to a knee while he held the cane up to her with the ring exposed. “Perhaps an invitation, a next step, advancement… Miss Anaveya Blackcrest, my closest friend, my love… might I now address you as Lady Stormblood?  Will you be my wife? Will you marry me?”

Now on his knee before her, her lip quivered, and she blinked rapidly, holding her tears in check. This, after so much recent uncertainty as to whether he would even receive her back again. Taking the ring from the crystal between her fingers, she would answer with a certainty that was steadfast.

“I have never been so honored. I would like nothing more than to call you my husband.” She leaned forward to touch his face with her free hand, her fingers under his chin, urging him to look up at her.

“Yes, Lord Stormblood. Yes, I will marry you.”


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