A Letter: To Bebe Valasar

quill and parchment


I’m most grateful for your letter.  They say that it is always better late than never, and I certainly can understand being incredibly busy and or preoccupied with a number of different things.

I know that I speak for myself, and for the rest of the Order when I say that we would appreciate your presence at the Forum as a respected former associate and old friend, as well as any assistance you may be able to offer should there be a need for it, although following a meeting earlier today, it seems that perhaps the entire situation could well have been blown out of proportion.  One can only hope, in any case.

I hope that this letter reaches you in time, and should it not, that at least you are well, and happy, whatever it is that your endeavors are now.  On a more personal note, I know that you are missed, and thought of fondly by many.

Kindest regards,

Ana (Blackcrest)


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