A Letter: Attention – All members of Celestial Dawn

quill and parchment

I have come to the difficult decision to reinstate the defense initiates from last summer, modifying them to suit our current situation. In essence, we shall reform the three divisions within Celestial Dawn designed to prevent and react to acts of violence upon us and our members.

Prelate Anaveya Blackcrest shall oversee our “Triage” unit.

Elder Ascendant Cathenell Lightflight shall oversee our “Reconnaissance” unit.

Elder Ascendant Zurilod Dawnreaver and Ascendant Felano Glacierwind shall jointly oversee our “Arms” unit.

All three units must be readied and assembled for a coordinated assignment throughout the day on both Friday and Saturday of this week.

Ready yourselves, my friends and family. The dawn is coming.

Parchment in hand, Ana re-read the words of her superiors latest missive and shook her head slowly as she sat down at the desk in her room at the Order’s estate. The irony of this latest initiative did not escape her.

There needs to be order within the Order.”

They had been some of the last words she’d heard her husband speak, and she idly wondered how he would feel if he could see this current re-assignment of their numbers in the way it was being organized now by his fellow Master and the members that herself and Tarcanus had gathered over several months of sometimes seemingly endless days, bolstering their collective skills and knowledge to strengthen the Order and it’s objectives for the greater good.

Oddly enough, a small smile curled her lips for the first time since his disappearance, the first time she’d been able to even think of the man without that crushing and pervasive sense of absolute despair or anger. Although so many things he had done had been wrong, she could never say that her husband had not been an intelligent man, quite the contrary. But, there was still a fine line between genius and insanity.

All of this chaos may come to an end.”

Dipping the quill in the ink well, Ana began to write.

Attention: All members of Celestial Dawn

Although you have all by now undoubtedly received any relevant missives on the immediate matter of the upcoming Citizen’s Forum, I now write you my own to remind you all of the need for able bodied and willing volunteers to fill much needed places in one of the three divisions as decreed by Master Frostbourne, and in particular, the Triage Unit. I urge those who have not already come forward to offer their skills as Field Medics and Healers to please do so. None of you are required to do this, but it should go without saying that we, as always, value each and every one of you, your individual strengths and your invaluable time and effort.

I can be contacted at all times until this coming Friday and Saturday at the Order’s estate, or by mail.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

~Prelate Anaveya Blackcrest.


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