Sister, what sister?

She would never forget the moment that there had been a knock on the door, her mother answering it and seconds later collapsing to her knees, sobbing for what seemed like forever, tears of joy.

Maiija, on the other hand, was less than impressed. Certainly not overcome with joy, but more anger and indignation.  Who did she really think she was, walking back into the family home years later as if nothing had happened, being welcomed back into her mothers arms as if she hadn’t abandoned the woman to begin with, and at a time when she needed her most.  She’d been a baby at the time, and her mother, having just lost her beloved husband had lost her daughter the same day.  Sae’lyn had run, run like a coward, deserting them both.

“I thought you were dead.”  Maiija said, stating it very matter of factly, no emotion attached, at least none that was apparent other than indifference maybe, and it was true.  She had accept that her older sister was as dead and gone as her father was.  It had been years.  She didn’t remember her, because she’d only been a baby when she’d left.  She had no emotional attachment, no memories to think back on, nothing.  This stranger, now in their house, herhouse, was unwelcome to her and she wished her gone.

She got her wish soon enough, and Sae’lyn left again, and it was soon after that Maiija decided that it was time she venture out into the world and try and make her own way, herself.  She wouldn’t just forget Mother though, always going home to visit regularly, even after she’d taken her place in her cousins house, doing odd jobs for her, finding herself at home at once with this woman that she barely knew but that had welcomed her with open arms.

“Family is rare, Maiija.  Stay, make yourself at home, as long as you need to.”  Ana Singsorrow had told her, and so she did.  But then even that all fell apart, and it hadn’t been her cousins fault.  Who expected their entire world to fall apart around them on waking up one morning like any other?

Wandering aimlessly around the city, staying in different inns at night, or going home to spend time with her mother in between times had Maiija at a loose end.  Waiting on Ana Blackcrest she was now, to finish the rebuild of the Blackcrest house was like waiting for grass to grow.  She would endure it because she had no other choice.  In the mean time, what would she do?  What the only other logical next step was.  She joined the Order of the Celestial Dawn, if for nothing else but to kill time and feel like she was actually doing something useful.

She was lonely though, with nobody outside of her small circle of family, there was not one person she could actually call a friend.  She needed to change that.  She’d seen others old and bitter and lonely, and those close to her even, her mother, her sister for all intents and purposes, although she didn’t really consider her as such, and she resolved to change that.  She would meet people, she would come out of her bubble and interact with the world.


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