On shiny new things


An’ this is how I went an’ got myself a new shiny toy.  Jus’ like Mister G, he agreed.  Now, this was no little green man I had t’ ply with promises o’ money an’ shiny things.  This one was all shiny an’ had his ownshinies.  All I had to do was look at ‘im, smile sweetly an’ ask nicely.  Funny, I never thought to jus’ ask fer somethin’ before.  Guess I just been used t’ jus’ takin’ what I want or playin’ tricksies.

“Be my friend, Mister.  I ain’t got none left.  All o’ mine done went an’ died an’ stuff.”

“I would love to be your friend, Miss Lylah.”

“Really, Mister Man?  Ya mean it?!”

“By my honor and the Light.”


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