On kissing

“There you are!  Did you even come home last night?”

An’ I’d told him, “O’ course!  ’Cept yer snorin’ was so loud ya never woulda heard a thing.”

“Well, I would certainly appreciate you leaving me some indication that you’re alive in the future, so I don’t have to hunt you down out of worry.”

He’d smiled when he said it, an’ I had t’ admit, it was kinda sweet, really.  Big ol’ shiny paladin worried ‘bout little ol’ me.  I been takin’ care o’ myself forever an’ ever.  But I guess he didn’t know that, so I promised I would, next time.  An’ so I did.

Mister Muggles got restless an’ wanted t’ go for a walk an’ I couldn’t sleep for all the snorin’ anyways, even with Mister Drim in the next room, so I slipped out o’ me bed an’ scribbled him a note.  I tiptoed into his room an’ was gonna slip that folded paper under his pillow, but I stopped t’ look at him an’ he was mumblin’ somethin’.  I creeped, creepin’, sneakin’, closer an’ closer as quiet as I could an’ I swear he said Miss Lylah, so I slipped th’ note in his hand instead, an’ even though I wrote in the note that I did it, I never was goin’ to, but then I did anyways.  I leaned over an’ kissed him real quick before I left.

Note to Drim

Never did go anywheres I’d planned on goin’ anyway an’ I found Mister Drim later that night, sittin’ all on his own in that dark bar in the Row.  He seemed happy enough t’ see me, thankin’ me for the note.  I swear he even blushed, though he denied it.  Silly man.

An’ maybe it was ‘cause o’ what I wrote in th’ note, ‘cause there really weren’t no other reason for it, not as far as I could see anyways, but he kissed me.  Not jus’ once, but twice!  I asked him why’d he do it an’ ya know what he said?

“You drive me insane.”

“Ya mean that in a good way, don’tcha?”

An’ he smiled again.  I told him th’ first time we ever met I’d make him smile again, I could make him happy, an’ he smiled a lot tonight, so guess that means I’m doin’ somethin’ right.

“Of course, you lunatic.”

I’m gonna kiss him some more, later, at least before he goes t’ sleep again.  I like him, an’ I guess he likes me, an’ this time … I’m not gonna do nothin’ bad t’ make him disappear.


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