On inspiring the masses, but mostly Mister G


Mister G was mad, jus’ like I knew he would be.  An’ not just him either.  T’would seem like that angry lady’s got a lot o’ people she’s pissed off.  Busy, busy, what t’ do.  What t’ do, indeed!

“Well, how about I pin her down and you all stab her multiple times?”  Ceran’s idea was solid, but boring.

This is when Mister G got mad.

“‘Kay, fuck Theramore, and fuck you.  I want a MANA BOMB!”

Much as I love Mister G, his ideas aren’t always th’ best.

“KHAL-VAN.  What’s plan B?”  I asked ‘im.

Mister Muggles has his own ideas, but they’d have t’ be like Plan Z, even for me.  That bad, fat mouse is a little scary sometimes.


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