On fingers, eyes, and not telling lies

Haaron Letter 1

She’d have liked th’ box with the pretty finger in it, that angry, lyin’ woman.  Th’ first box anyways.  I had ‘im attach a note to it to tell ‘er it was the first o’ ten.  An’ then the next day, another.  2/10.  The oddest thing was that the angry, lyin’ lady didn’t care.  She got even angrier an’ crazier than she was before an’ done went an’ kidnapped somebody ‘erself.  An’ people call me silly.  So, we let ‘er go.  But not before ‘e took ‘er eyesight.  Shoved some big ass needles in ‘er eyes.  Wasn’t my idea, but I never said no.  Said ‘e didn’t like the way she look at ‘im.  Made ‘im feel guilty.

Don’t know where ‘e took ‘er, don’t even care.  But somebody’s gonna ask me about it all pretty soon, an’ I’ll tell ‘em what they want to know, if they’re askin’.  Can’t be tellin’ lies.

An’ Mister Muggles has been quiet lately.  Odd really, since it was all his idea t’ start with.


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