On finding rings, and things

Lylah and Tin

“It doesn’t matter how you get the ring, only that you get it.”

That’s what th’ man had said.  An’ I knew how I’d do it.  T’would be like takin’ candy from a baby.  An’ so it was.

“I lost my friend.  Was wonderin’ if ya seen him.  I’ve looked everywhere!”

“Everywhere, you say?  That’s quite a lot of places, and possibly wheres.  No, I’ve not seen your mouse.  Mister Muggles, was it?”

An’ then all I had t’ do was cry an’ it was a done deal.  He drank the sleepy drink an’ I took the ring just like I told th’ man I would, an’ could.  Only one thing went wrong.  The creepy man with th’ pretty hair asked my name an’ one musn’t ever tell lies…


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