On angry women, and lies

speech bubble

That angry woman, Miss Pink’s sister did an’ said a bad, bad thing.

“I have to, to make sure my sister is okay. Even if that means picking the Order off one by one.”

I couldn’t believe my ears.  Did she really jus’ say that?  Her drug addicted sister an’ how she got that way’s got nothin’ to do with the Order t’ start with!

“Oh nuh uh, crazy lady.  Youu’re in some trouuuuuuble now.”

“You wouldn’t DARE go to Tarcanus with your lies.”

Did she, had she jus’ called me a liar?  A … LIAR?!  One musn’t EVER tell lies!

“Ya done it now.  Ya called me a liar, ya crazy bitch, an’ I got two witnesses here behind me that heard it.  Mister Tarcanus and Mister Master Singsorrow gon’ be hearin’ ALL about this.”

An’ then she had the nerve t’ threaten t’ cut my finger off an’ punched me in the stomach.  Wait until I tell Mister G an’ Laileb.

“If ya do that, then somebody’ll come an’ cut yer tits off.  An’ that’s a shame really, angry lady, ‘cause ya ain’t got bad ones t’ start with.”

An’ that death knight with the big sword, an’ the man whose armor I’d cut off th’ other week walked me back into th’ city an’ that angry woman, that liar, she was gonna get what was comin’ t’ her.  She jus’ didn’t know it yet.

Haaron incident


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