On absent friends, and Mister Muggles

Lylah, Khalvan and Ceransis

Maybe stealin’ all those botanicals hadn’t been such a good idea, after all. That robbery started a string of events so long it makes my head hurt thinkin’ ‘bout it.

“Nooo, no, no, NO, don’t be gettin’ me wrong, Mister Muggles, I ain’t feelin’ bad ‘bout it.  Only thing I feel bad ‘bout is that Mister G’s gone.  An’ I only wanted t’ make ‘im happy, ‘member, when I got him that lab an’ all those barrels o’ that bad stuff?  Pfft, s’not like youu care anyways.  You an’ your stupid ideas.  You’re a bad, fat… stupid mouse, ya know that?”

“An’ what about Mister Man, Ceran Ceran?  He shoulda jus’ let me cut up that last man, that one that took his hand.  He shoulda jus’ let me cut them all up for hurtin’ him an’ maybe, jus’ maybe I shoulda jus’ hurt people anyways whether he said it was okay or not, ‘cause now look what happened.  Now he’s gone, too.  Dead, dead, his pretty head buried in the ground probably.  I ‘member the first day we ever met an’ me an’ that dead man cut his armor outta his skin an’ stuff… an’ I miss him.  No, ya fat mouse.  It ain’t my fault.  It’s youurs, all o’ it!  I ain’t never had such bad luck since ya came an’ talked to me an’ now look, they’re gone, all of ‘em.  An’ not just Mister G and Ceran Ceran, but Sir Laileb an’ Mister Master Singsorrow too!  Only reason Miss Pink’s still ‘round’s ‘cause I had her let go.  You’d had yer way, we’d ‘ave cut her into little pieces an’ she’d be dead too!  Everytime ya go an’ get a good idea, ya creep, I do it an’ people end up goin’ missin’.  Well no more, ya hear me?  Yer not tellin’ me what to do no more, Mister Mouse.  We’re done, ya dig?  Done. Finished.  Over.  See ya.  Now go on an’ fuck off.  GO.”

“An’ I hope ya drop dead, too.”

Mister Muggles 2


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