It Feels Like Forever

Saelyn and Dae

“It’s b-been a long time since we were b-both h-here, h-hasn’t it?”

“Seems like forever ago, “he’d replied.

Sae’lyn had rolled her eyes, poked her tongue out at him and forced a small mock pout.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?  Am I that h-hard to live with?”

And he had shook his head and smirked a little at her words.

“Sometimes, yes.  But what I meant was it just seems like we’ve been together forever already.  And that is a good thing, obviously.  Doesn’t mean I’d change it if I had the power, though.  I’m pretty happy.”

She’d softened at that and reached up to touch his face, smiling up at him, speaking softly.

“I’m h-happy too.  Speaking of forever, though. There’s something I’ve b-been thinking about for a while now.  Something I need to do, and I was h-hoping you’d come with me…”

He’d looked at her then and nodded.

“My place is by your side, Sae.  Just tell me where, and when, and you know that I’ll be there.”

“My family.  My mother and sister.  It’s b-been forever since I’ve seen them.  I want to try and make amends, if they’ll let me…”


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