Introducing Lylah (MRP profile)

Name: Lylahnie Angelis

Nicknames: Lylah, Miss L, Lylah the Loon, Little Lylah

Titles: Worst bard ever || Procurer of ‘things’ || Opportunist

Motto: “One musn’t ever tell lies!”

Eyes: Pale green

Age: Around 19-20 in human years.

Height: 5’5

Race: Sin’dorei

Currently: Pondering dead men coming back to life.


The biggest quirk Lylah has is her giggle, and she does it often. Think Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter…

And really, who am I kidding? Everything about Lylah Angelis is one big quirk.

She screws her face up and pulls odd faces often as a child might.

Around her neck she wears a small pouch suspended by a thin leather string, tucked inside her shirt close to her chest. It contains something which belongs to somebody very special to her.

Lives “here, there and everywhere”.

Will almost always be seen wearing a small bag slung over her shoulder which hangs at her hip, a mouses small head peering out the top a lot of the time.

(Apparently “Mister” Muggles was inappropriate language.. kk Blizz.. so although the mouse shows as Muggles, Mister Muggles is in fact his entire name).

Frequent quotes:

“Busy busy, things t’ do! Things t’ do, an’ people too!”

“Mister Muggles is fat, -really- fat, fat as a cat! Did I tell ya that?”

“I don’t like that man, Mister Ceran.” – About almost anyone.

[RP to find out history, or try to! I don’t ever like to fill in at all, the history section, because I believe that some things are best left to be totally discovered through roleplay]


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