Whose house is this anyway?

((Full credit to Valkaeth for the majority of this madness.  Many hours of laughing were had talking about this scene, among many, as a regular day in the life of the Stormblood household.. ))

As they approached their house, Ana remained behind him as Kaeth reached out to grasp the door knob, twisting and turning it, and it would click as it opened.  He glanced down, seeing Ghaad standing there looking up at the two of them.  Had he heard them coming?   Or had he just sat there … all day?  He was in the same place when they returned home every time.

“Good evening to you, Ghaad, “the warlock spoke to the Felhound, in that smooth voice of his, raising an eyebrow at him, looking mildly amused, “Mind if we come in?”

Ana smiled down at him and laughed a little when the creature finally did move, somewhat slowly.  ”N’aww, you just get lonely, dont’cha boy?” and Ghaad just stood there, staring at her almost dumbly.  She didn’t know whether he ever understood her when she talked to him, but she tried anyway.  She treated the Felhound no differently from a regular household pet, a dog or something.  It amused her a little, and incensed Kaeth somewhat.

“He’s a demon, Miss Blackcrest, “He would say, rolling his eyes when he thought she was not looking, sighing a little, exasperated at her treatment of the creature.

Now, some time passed, the tone was somewhat different.

“He’s a … demon, Miss Blackcrest, he doesn’t know any better, ” he would soothe her as she scowled or pouted at the discovery of the latest broken ornament or piece of glassware.

The man released his hold on her waist after he closed the front door behind them, moving into the hallway tentatively, as if inspecting the place for damage.  It had become habit, lately.  One never knew what to expect on arriving home.  Tonight the house, on further inspection looked almost a little too tidy and untouched.

“Hmmph, “Kaeth muttered, narrowing his eyes a little, peering at the hound suspiciously, “quiet night, eh?”

And Ghaad just stood there, before making a couple of his grunting, clicking sounds, blinking up at Ana before rubbing himself against her legs, an affectionate gesture, but had her robes not been as thick as they were, he might have scratched her legs entirely by accident.  Still, she stooped to stroke the creatures cold, leathery ‘nose’ with her finger and looked to Kaeth, as he wandered into the living room, muttering,

Something is broken or chewed beyond recognition.  I know it.”

Ana inspected the house as he had done, pacing around the living room last, and shook her head laughing, finally.

“Nope, not a scratch on anything.  Not as far as I can see.  Well, unless Eyla hid the evidence, or tried to.  It wouldn’t be the first time…” and she looked around for the girl as she said this, but didn’t see or hear her anywhere.  Maybe it would be a quiet night, after all.

He finally stopped pacing around, pulling his floating chair out and seating himself in it wearily.  Ana kicked her boots off near the hearth of the fireplace and padded back across the room to where he sat in the chair, his chair, where she would never dare to sit uninvited.  The way he felt about that particular piece of furniture, was, quickly frankly, a little ridiculous, but she supposed that everybody had their own comforts and favorite things and that was one of his.

She leaned over him somewhat, a hand on each of the arms of the chair, wrinkling her nose as she studied his current poise.  One of his arms laid on one of the chair arms casually, but his other held his head up, the palm splayed across his face.  Look at him, he was exhausted, frustrated maybe.  She poked her tongue out at him.

“Mind if I sit, my Lord? “she grinned at him, and he removed his hand from his face then, rewarding her with a small smile.

“I’ll take that as a yes, “she rested her forehead against his for a moment and then hitched her robes up almost to her waist before climbing up onto the seat, straddling him comfortably.  She slipped her arms around his neck, sinking her fingers into his hair, and bent her head down to press a soft kiss to his lips, but startled at the sound of a large crash at the other end of the house, the sound of something breaking, perhaps, before she even got that far.  She froze for a moment until she heard the sound of the girl’s voice calling her.


And Ana looked at Kaeth, already rolling his eyes, before climbing off the chair and the two of them made their way down the hall to their bedroom where Ana stood in the doorway, mouth agape, her eyes wide as she surveyed the mess that had just hours earlier been a perfectly kept room.  The eyeless girl stood in the middle of the floor, looking in their direction, and Ana narrowed her eyes, annoyed, folding her arms across her chest as she looked around.  The bed covers hanging off the bed, lying on the floor, the wardrobe doors open, half of the contents of which were now scattered everywhere.  Her robes, her expensive robes hanging off the furniture, lying on the floor.  Looking up she noticed, with dismay, that a piece of her underwear was even hanging from one of the rafters.  The nightstand beside the bed was even upturned, lying on it’s face on the floor.

“Eyla!” she scolded, when Kaeth, beside her, remained stiff and silent.  He looked as if he were about to explode.  “Why would you do this?”

And the little girl shook her head then, pressing her fingers to her lips, and pointed to the corner of the room.  Sitting there in the middle of her … underwear drawer, was an imp, it’s back turned to them, and undergarments flew over the small creatures shoulders as he flung them out of the drawer one by one.

“Wasn’t me, Mommy.  It was him!”

And the imp turned then, wide eyed, having been caught in the act, before busting out into a huge grin, and was that …?  No, it couldn’t be, it didn’t have a cigar hanging out of it’s mouth, did it?  Ana blinked, shaking her head.  For once, she was speechless, but then Kaeth, beside her, stiffened and then starting yelling, his hands balled into fists at his sides.



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