Too little, too late


“It’s beautiful isn’t it, this place?  If one was solitary by nature, what better place to be than here, hmm?” he mused, as they stood there, looking out at the ocean.

And Ana didn’t disagree.  Leaving Tanaris the first time had been one of the hardest things she had admittedly ever had to do.  Leaving the familiarity of the desert when she’d headed out to the city all of those months ago had been like tearing herself from the one place where her heart remained.  It was home.  Practicalities and circumstances had ensured for a long time that she had not been able to return for any significant length of time, but now, standing there beside the Warlock in the sand, it caused her to wonder.

Aside from Tarcanus and a small handful of other colleagues who she of course would keep in contact with, and if it weren’t for the fact that she had a physical home now in Quel’thalas, who would actually miss her if she were to remain in the desert?   Her sister, maybe, yes.  But maybe only simply for the fact that they had unfinished business with each other, and Rainé, well she had her own agenda entirely.  She would manage without Ana.  She had done for a long time already.  What of the ‘friends’ who she had.  The ones who were busy with their own lives, or business.  The ones who were raising their families, or travelling.  The ones who she had sought to reach out to in various ways, but had received no response from either physically, emotionally or otherwise.  The meetings that had been missed, the letters unanswered.  Should she have extended her hand sooner?  Was it too little, too late?

He tugged at her hand gently then and she glanced at him with a small smile on her face, but her eyes held a far off sadness in them once more.  No, she would follow him, because her place was with him now, but she would now start anew in every way.  As she turned to follow the Warlock across the sand, towards the ship that would take them home again, she vowed that as she had started anew with him, so would she in every other aspect.  It was time.



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