A Letter: To Rainé Blackcrest

quill and parchment

Dear Rainé,

I’m so sorry that I was unable to write sooner.  To cut an extremely long story short, I was waylaid in the desert, and so the journey home took a whole new direction and obviously, a lot longer than it should have.

I’m alright though.  I might even venture to say that I am very well.  I’ve come back refreshed, with a new view on things, entirely.  And that is a good thing, no?

If you’re receiving this letter then I have missed you at the Estate.  I hope things are going well at the Manor, and know that I will come out to see any progress for myself at some point very soon.  I just have a few more minor things to take care of here before I head out again.

You were right, by the way, when you said that we are not given a life that we are not strong enough to live.  Daddy would be so proud of you, Rainé, as am I.  I am grateful every day that you have come into my life. I need you to know that.

See you soon,



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