Ana blinked a few times slowly, rubbing at her eyes once they opened properly, waking from a sleep so deep that she forgot for a moment, and for the second time in as many hours, where she was. The bed was as warm and comfortable as it had been the morning before but this time she wasn’t waking alone. Turning her head, she saw that he was still sleeping, and she quickly and quietly slipped out of the bed, making a couple of friendly clicking sounds at the Felhound, who looked up at her from his spot in the corner, but didn’t move. Finding a thin shirt to slip on, she moved around the house quietly, looking for something to write on. There were at least a couple of people that she needed to write to, letting them know that she was safe, but had been delayed a little longer than expected. She knew that had her sister actually still been at the Orders estate when Ana’s belongings had arrived but weren’t followed by Ana herself soon after, she would be in a mild state of panic, and that needed addressing, yesterday, but …

I don’t want to impose any longer than I have already, or outstay my welcome.”

Please, consider this your home, if you wish it to be…”

She sat herself down at a desk in the living room, having found some parchment and a quill and began to write.


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