A letter opened with blood stained hands…

The seal was one she had not recognized, nor the writing, and she now pulled it from her pocket where it had been for several hours, her hands still shaking, and sticky with drying blood, some her own, and some the owner of whom was now no doubt already halfway across Azeroth with their tail between their legs.  A warning had been issued, and this in itself was progress.  She could leave now, and go home, wherever home was at this point, confident of two things, that what she had done here had been carried out with efficiency and precision and that she now had the upper hand.  Of that there was no doubt in her mind.

She looked at the words on the parchment, small and neatly written and then placed it aside for a moment as she washed her hands quickly in the small basin, drying them on a towel which she then balled up and threw into the fireplace, watching for just a moment as it was consumed within just a few seconds, before picking up the parchment once more to read the letter.

Dear Ana,

It has been two days since our first encounter, and already I grow weary of the way our people talk around certain subjects.  Your bluntness was a nice change of pace.  I hope this letter does not intrude upon you, but I still find myself thinking of you and the night we spent on that hilltop.  

I hope that this letter finds you well, and with haste.


And at that point Ana closed her eyes, let out a small sigh and folded the letter back up, slipping it back inside her pocket.  That night on the hilltop, an oddly peaceful couple of hours of normalcy and in pleasant company was one she would not likely forget for some time, but only for the fact that it had been out of the ordinary.  That man, that stranger, had shown her more quiet companionship than she’d known in months, and it had been nice, very nice.  But it could only be just one moment in time that shouldn’t be repeated, couldn’t it?  He didn’t know her, not really.  He knew her name and beyond that, really nothing else.  And it was better that way.

It was better that way…


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