She said that the Estate would be a good place to rest, to “recover”.  Did my sister really think it would be so easy?  One recovers from an illness or some such thing, not … this.  Or was it an illness, loving him?  I still do, I always will.  It’s not going to just stop because my well meaning sister wants it to.

“The last thing  you need right now, Ana, is to be alone.”

She believes that if I get enough rest and time around people who I know and care about that I will be able to function again, that I will be able to “get on with my life” and be happy again.  I think her definition of loss and mine may differ somewhat, just maybe more than a little bit.

And the Estate itself, Gods knows it’s not quiet by any means.  How am I to rest with the sounds of so many footsteps, talking and laughter going on right outside my door at all hours of the night and day?

I want to go home.

I want to go home…


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