Where to begin, indeed

Ana had looked at her husband, a little incensed.  She had felt tired, annoyed and more than a little frazzled by recent events.  More so now, standing beside Tindómiel having to explain it all over again.  He’d smiled at her, of course, and told her how lovely it was to see her, and any negative feeling had melted, as he’d known it would, no doubt.  Or if he didn’t, the fact of the matter was that he could manipulate her emotions that easily anyway, just with a simple touch or a look, whether knowingly or not.  He was her weakness, in that way.  Always.

“So, what precisely has been going on?”

“Where to begin, “she’d sighed, “Is probably more of an apt question.”

“Well, do share, please.  What of this dead girl and lunatic losing her mind?  All I knew was that Tarc had been kidnapped.”

She’d looked at him for a moment, and then pinched the bridge of her nose with her thumb and forefinger, squeezing her eyes closed for a moment.  ”This is going to take a while, isn’t it?”

And so she’d gone on to explain it all.  Tarc’s kidnapping, who had done it and why, and he’d reacted as she thought he might.  His stand on the entire matter had been, in essence, not entirely dissimilar to her own, or to Tarcanus’ either.

“I’m going to establish order within the Order.”

“And where were you when precisely that was needed?” She’d asked him, gently.

And he’d licked his lips, and grinned that heart melting grin of his and spoken to her about soul searching and that he’d be around more, now.

“I’ve heard that many times before, “she’d murmured.

“Ah yes, but this time I’ve found the right one.”

“Is that so, Mister Singsorrow?”

And he’d nodded.  ”Yes, Misses Singsorrow.  I’ve found myself.  Now, let’s look to the positives, no?  All this chaos may finally come to an end.”

And she’d leaned against his shoulder, and nodded, admitting that it might, it just might.

“Tindómiel, there is something I want to ask you. Who is Lylah, do you know her?”

He’d smiled brightly at that, seemed genuinely surprised that she did not, and gone on to tell her that the girl was employed, even, by House Singsorrow.  He’d promised her that they would meet, and she would talk to her, and he’d had nothing but good and positive things to say about the girl.

“I swear, Dómi, sometimes I feel like I know nothing…”



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