I’ve waited a hundred years, but I’d wait a million more for you…

She balled up the parchment and threw it aside, adding it to the mountain of already discarded words, emotions and thoughts that she would try to write as she prepared for her wedding day.

How would she even begin to put on parchment what this man meant to her?  How would Ana articulate in such a way the way in which he had changed her life and continued to do so every single day just by merely existing?  

The task seemed so simple, yet so daunting as she would try over and over again to express such simple, yet such powerful things.  This wedding, this union with Tindómiel Singsorrow would be the most important of her life to date, and it needed to be perfect.  So she would keep trying until she found a way with words that proved to be elusive.  She would find them, and she would write her vows and promises to this man whom she had no doubt that she would follow to the end of her days.  

He was her light in the dark, her hope, her one and only love and she would find the words that she would speak to him on that magical day in the not too distant future in front of their “family” and friends, and they would be perfect.  He deserved nothing less.



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