The Wedding Night

River Docks

They had stood on the sand near the river, the stars bright in the sky, the moon full, no sounds besides each others voices and the nearby wildlife, but blissful virtual silence. The warm sand, the humid night hair and the sand between her toes, Ana had turned to her husband and smiled at him.

“Finally, Mister Singsorrow, I have you all to myself. And it’s been far, far too long since it was so. I don’t intend to let you out of my sight now for several days.”

“You’re right, Missus Singsorrow, and we must cherish this and these coming days, and every day thereafter, for nothing is more precious.”

And they had spent their first night as husband and wife, under the stars. And before they had both fallen asleep, he’d wrapped his arms around her, pulling her to conform to his shape and he’d pressed his lips to the back of her neck. She had wriggled back to mould herself to fit him where he lay, pulling his arm across and around her waist so she could interlace her fingers with his, and she’d rested her head on her other arm, closing her eyes and sighing contentedly, for now.

“I love you, Mister Singsorrow, more today than yesterday, and more tomorrow than the day before it.”

“And I love you, Lady Singsorrow, less today than tomorrow. And more two days from now, than tomorrow. You are my stars, shining ever brightly in the sky and no one shall take you from me.”


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