The Persistence of Loss – Part Six: Family

CP group

And so Ana had found herself part of the Order, recruited by Tarcanus Frostbourne at a moment of such convenience and coincidence. Or had it been coincidence? She would never know, just like she would never know what in the world had possessed her that night to have such blind faith in her resolve that in fact meeting him that night would just simply work out for the best.

She never would have imagined that she, having been as reclusive as one could be for at least the past two or three years, would ever have such purpose again.  And in fact, following a research trip to the Black Temple, it had been pointed out afterwards that the reason for the journey and mission itself had mostly been a ruse, a cover for the true purpose of the mission which had been more or less a “bonding exercise” of the members chosen.  She’d laughed at that and even felt a little annoyed that her time, and in fact the others’ time also had been wasted, but in hindsight, it had actually been worthwhile and had given her an actual sense of importance.

Besides that, it had given her a chance to prove to that ever boastful death knight, Felano, that as much as he would mock her or tease that she didn’t now how to use the weapon she wielded, that in fact she did, and she could hold her own, and then some.

The thing that Ana was the most thankful for was the opportunity to return to her home, Shattrath, where she would remain until such time as the personal business of her past was taken care of; and it served a double purpose, giving her the freedom to come and go as she pleased, without fear of judgment from anyone or anything.

Yes, this unexpected series of events had been a little sudden and uncomfortable at first, but she had begun to find her feet again, and admittedly, she felt okay about being needed once more, in some capacity that served the greater good and not just for the purpose of lining her pockets with the means to survive on a day to day basis.

She had even made friends within the Order with a couple of the women, or at least she would consider them so. And this had been new to Ana. Before, there had only been Valgoren, and theirs had been a friendship born mostly out of blood and necessity. Without each other, the world would have seemed like a much larger, scarier and lonely place, and she’d never expected to have to leave that safe little bubble that included only the two of them, but she had because she’d simply been left with no other choice, and now she was surrounded by these people, some strangers, some friends. They met several times a week, to be taught, to discuss business and even to socialize.

Always the underlying theme within the Order had been “family”. This most unlikely group of individuals from all kinds of different places, family backgrounds and skillsets functioned under the belief that they were family, and she remembered the exact moment when she had actually taken hold of this concept for herself and accepted it. There had been a night somewhere out in the wilds near Thunder Bluff, sitting around a campfire; a handful of them sharing stories at Tarcanus’ direction about who they were, and more specifically, something about themselves that the others might not be aware of. It had been incredibly uncomfortable for her to do this, but she did so first, taking another leap of faith and putting her trust in this group for no other reason than she had felt it was right to do so.

“For those who don’t know me, I’m Anaveya Blackcrest.  I have no living family. That is, I had none until I was a part of all of this.”

And one after another those gathered would disclose something new about themselves and quietly she had listened, feeling grateful that she was a part of something larger than just herself, and it was unusual, yet welcome. And not only had she been surrounded by friends and family at that moment, but she had allowed her mind to wander as she had stared into the fire while the others had talked amongst themselves and considered the fact that she would soon be married and for that moment, there could be nothing wrong with the world. She seemed to have attained, personally, the thing which she had believed for such a long time did not or could never exist again.




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