The Persistence of Loss – Part Five: Get busy living

She took one last look at the now empty main room of the little stone house from the doorway, hand curled around the door handle, reluctant to close it for the last time, knowing that she would never be coming back. She knew that it was silly to hold on to a house, a material thing, because of the memories that it held, when memories would as easily be held in the mind, although even those faded over time, and that was what she was afraid of the most. That she would forget. Already she began to have trouble remembering his face in as much detail as she would have liked, and it saddened her.

Living in the house after Valgoren had passed had been like living with a ghost, but his absence there was a constant daily reminder that he had been there at all, and she was afraid that once she left and moved on that she would think of him less, and the memories would fade even more than they had already. But, it had to be done. She knew what she had to do now, and it was far, far away from here.

She pulled the door closed and walked away from dwelling, along the stone path, only stopping at the gate to look back once before turning away again, quickening her pace to leave before she changed her mind, yet again.

silvermoon city

Admittedly, Eversong Woods was beautiful; such a shocking contrast to the desert vistas and climate that she’d been so used to for as long as she could remember, and standing back, looking at the entrance to Silvermoon City, Ana faltered for a moment, wondering if she shouldn’t just turn around and leave again as quickly as she’d come. But no, she must press on. She must finish the task that she’d been given. She’d made a promise.

To a ghost, Ana. You made a promise to something that isn’t even real.

She closed her eyes, and shook her head, dismissing the voice of doubt and took the first steps forward. Back to the land of the living.

Get busy living, Ana. You deserve more than this.”

I can’t…I can’t do it. There’s nothing for me out there.”

You’re wrong. Trust me.”

And so, when that man in white, the hooded man, who she came to later know as Tarcanus approached her in the Row where she had stood talking with the death knight and handed her a piece of parchment telling her to meet him at the pond later that night, she didn’t question it. Every little bit of experience and instinct told her that logically meeting a stranger in the dark of night in a foreign place was a bad idea, more than, even. But, the coincidence was too strong. And besides, her gut instinct told her that this was the right thing to do. That allowing herself blind faith and trust in this man, this stranger, was not a bad thing. She would mull that over at a later date and laugh even at her thought processes at that time and tell herself how foolish of a thing blind trust was, but in this case, just this once, it would work out.

He was there, where he said he would be, and at the exact time as she and the death knight, Felano, approached, and he smiled, warmly, thanking them both for coming. Nobody spoke at all for several moments and Ana finally cleared her throat and asked.

“Alright. I’m here. Now what exactly is it you wanted to discuss…?”



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