The Letter

Ms. Blackcrest,

We will ‘catch up’ soon.  

Very much looking forward to settling some old debts.

Three little lines scribbled on a piece of parchment on the bedside table in the Silvermoon Inn she’d spent the last two nights in had changed everything. She knew who had written it. And she knew that she had failed. Served her right for leaving Shattrath when she had known better. Her only advantage for the longest time had been that he didn’t know where she was, and that to have any hope of putting the past to rest she needed to find him first. And now her worst fear had come true. It was he who had found her.

She wondered why he hadn’t just cut her throat in her sleep as she had done to his colleague and friend before him, and the fact that he hadn’t actually disturbed her more. Was he watching her now, as she folded up the parchment and gathered her things to leave? As she moved along the Walk of Elders, was he watching her there too?

She would have to tell Tindómiel, and ask for help. She’d not want him to leave her side until the man was found, by her means or somebody elses. Just one small mistake now and she stood to lose everything. Past and Future.


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