The Buddy System: A Cathenell Lightflight Directive

Attn:  All members of Celestial Dawn.

Until further notice, ALL members of the Order are to undertake their usual daily activities, including any unexpected travel, work and so on with a “buddy”.  This system has been put in place to ensure the safety of each and every unique member, and because safety is always paramount, this is not optional, but rather a direct order, and will continue until such time as otherwise advised.  

Please find attached a summary of the current pairings and groups.  If you should find yourself in need of an escort, then you should follow procedure by contacting the appropriate people.  Namely the Masters, then Prelates, and failing those, the Sergeants of the Order. 

Thank you all for your cooperation in this matter.

~Anaveya Singsorrow 

Tarcanus Frostbourne: Betaria Valasar

Anaveya Singsorrow: Rainé Blackcrest, Maiiya Caerith

Cathenell Lightflight: Alyriel Lightflight

Tyrathil Windfall: Zurilod Dawnreaver

Pugzola D. Puggington: Vrashnak

Myakaela Everwind: Felano Glacierwind, Alleda.

Ceransis Darklight: Qarthel Mageheart

Anecira: Ryndarious

Soldriana Dawnrage: Silvamet 


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