The Black Frog


“Hello, brother.”

Ana had simply blinked in surprise and elbowed Tindómiel lightly.  What brother? She’d no clue he had other family other than the ones he’d mentioned, and they were by no means close, the opposite in fact.  Or so she’d been told.

“Yes, this is my brother.  “The Black Frog”.  One does not simply address him so boldly.  It’s unwise in most circumstances.”

But the man had smiled at her, introduced himself and so she had done the same, as one does.  He had taken her hand, kissed it and gone on to explain.

“Although my brother has not mentioned me, he has most certainly mentioned you, and his description was not entirely accurate, for there are clearly not enough words in our spoken language appropriate enough to describe such loveliness.”

And with this, she had been won over, despite Tindómiel’s initial “warning”, of sorts. Evidently, he had come back from a long time away in Pandaria, and was to be a guest at their upcoming wedding.  Abruptly, any further conversation or details outside of a little exchange between the two about estranged family had ended when the man had to take his leave again, but Ana was intrigued.  And House Singsorrow would seem to grow, slowly, but surely.


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