Northrend: Research Trip

While I wasn’t thrilled with a trip to Northrend, my mind on other things, I was still there on time and travelled with the others.  Tarcanus was excited to show and teach us all that he knew about the arcane energies of the area we went to, specifically in Borean Tundra, somewhere near Coldarra, and the Nexus itself.

Once there however, what should have been a productive learning experience at the very least didn’t go as I’m sure he had planned.  I, personally, was distracted, Aly seemed much the same way and Bebe was behaving decidely flippant and all over the place too.  Maybe she was hungover, or maybe just having a strange day also.  Who knows.

What I hadn’t expected was to be asked to get near the energies, channel the “light” and then report any changes or feelings I got from it.  Tonight, I -will- finish my notes and pass them on, however vague and sketchy they are.


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