For where there are rules, exceptions can be made

Ana and Zai

They say that time heals wounds, or at least lessens them to a degree where one is able to function in a way that resembles some kind of “normal”,  but for Ana, the more time that went past, the harder it was becoming to leave the confines of the estate, and in that, even leaving her room, her haven.  But she did so when required, because it was her duty.  The one responsibility she had been given within the Order was one she did not take lightly, and quite possibly was the one single thing that kept her going on a daily basis.

And so, she had made her way to the city, stood with the rest of her brothers and sisters in arms, and listened while Tarcanus spoke of leaving the past behind them and moving forward as a unit to bigger and better things.  Teaching, leadership and even the reopening of the Order estate itself.  It was a turning point for the collective group, and oddly, even she had walked away, her morale boosted, if only for a short time.  For if the people were happy, then she was happy for them, and this new direction would and could only serve to strengthen them as a unit.  It had been productive, and inspiring.

The forsaken man, however, the one who had stood just on the outside of the group, not close enough to be a part of it, but near enough to have caught her attention at least, had not gone unnoticed and curiosity had caused her to speak with him before she left the city once more for home.

He had spoken with her about purpose, or rather a lack of it, and their group had caught his own attention in such a way that he had presumably not been able to walk away.  The fact that he was a warlock had her intrigued, rather than afraid, and it had become evident very quickly that this man was not or seemed not to be in any way similar to the one she had known so closely before.  It was ironic, that this man would coincidentally be speaking with her about such things, but she well understood the feeling herself and she, following pure instinct brought him into the fold, welcoming him into the Order, the family.


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