Coming Home

Seven uninterrupted days with her husband had been just what Ana had needed.  It had been long overdue.  Somewhat reluctantly they had returned home, although she admitted it would be good to get back and catch up with a friend or two, people she had neglected with so much else going on before the wedding itself.  Not only the wedding, but there was still the matter of the letter and dealing with the sender, if she could, in fact, find him.  But she would put that out of her mind for at least a short while, long enough to get settled back where she was most comfortable and be ready for wherever the next research trip would inevitably send her.

Her attention, on coming inside, was first drawn to the table nearest the door where any mail that had arrived while they had been away.  She sifted through the pile of expected letters, but stopped at one, handwriting on the front that she didn’t recognize and turned it over in her hand slowly.

Raine's Letter


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